Tickets for Smukfest 2019

The full festival tickets for #SMUK19 were all sold out in 60 minutes. However, if you feel like visiting our little beech wood festival, you can still sign yourself up for a waiting list or get a one-day ticket.

You can sign yourself up for the full festival ticket waiting list right here, by clicking the button ”Tilføj til venteliste”. It’s free of charge, and last year many people ended up getting a ticket here. So it’s definitely not impossible! The price is 2695 DKR.

One-day tickets will be on sale from February 4 at 10 o’clock (Central European Time, UTC +1) at the Smukshop, and it’s probably a good idea to be ready by the computer, if you want to be sure to get a ticket. (Update: Most sold out immediately, but still possible to grab a day-pass for Wednesday or Sunday).

If you want to save some time, you can already now create a user on the shop, which is needed to buy any of our products. Go to Smukshop.dk and click ”Opret konto”.

If there’s a lot of traffic on the Smukshop, you will automatically be placed in a queuing system.

We’re looking very much forward to seeing you at the most beautiful festival in Denmark! 

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